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#autumn is suuuuper nice and a bright spot in the (very messy) teen wolf fandom#she's also really kind/conscientious and reblogs a lot of social justice stuff that is relevant to my interests#and that i don't see reblogged by many of the other people i follow - so I'M ALSO ~GETTING THAT EDUCATION~#she also has gr8 taste in lady characters (especially if they are lady villains tbh)#A++++ would follow again


possible reasons why a post you think is important only has a few notes:

-the OP isn’t massively popular

-the post was made literally five minutes ago (or at least has only been around a short amount of time)

-the post hasn’t been reblogged by anyone massively popular

things you can do about it:

-reblog the post (especially if you yourself are massively popular)

-ask your friends to reblog the post

things you can maybe refrain from doing:

-make one of those passive aggressive notes about how see how no one cares about this or why doesn’t this have more notes or if you don’t reblog this WE ARE DONE/YOU ARE TERRIBLE

reasons to refrain from doing this:

-guilt tripping is bad

-some people don’t reblog things because they’re triggering or they’re not on tumblr at the moment or they don’t want to trigger followers or it just doesn’t fit their blogs

-frankly it’s none of your fucking business why someone has refrained from reblogging a post because that’s not your blog

-seriously lots of people will refuse to reblog posts with those notes specifically because the notes are upsetting and manipulative

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#lmao i normally erase guilt-tripping ''IF YOU DON'T REBLOG THIS YOU'RE A MONSTER'' comments#oop#i hate that shit omggggg

and rain will make the flowers
         g        r        o        w

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Why would I trust you? I don’t know anything about you.
Yeah, well, I know you. And I know what you really want.

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SOMEONE (hint: it’s abbey) has a lot of feelings about teenage vampires.

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Title: Star Witness
Artist: Neko Case
Album: Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
Plays: 507


Star Witness - Neko Case

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ambienne: FYI there's a part in silver shadows where Adrian yells at dimitri and says "we aren't that good of friends" and dimitri is sad and hurt and it might be my favorite moment in the entire series.

i just want to state for the record that dimitri’s intense sadness in this moment made me laugh SO HARD i had to actually put down my kindle and cackle/clap.  the best is how adrian is later like, aw, man, i was kind of a dick to dimitri… :\

#regret: the adrian ivashkov story#teenage vampire support group#silver shadows spoilers i guess!!!! ///#adrian isn't even a teenage vampire he's like 22 or 23 i think#w/e details don't matter in this particular support group ~age is only a number~ or smth#ambienne
miscellaineeous replied to your post: “stuckintheclimb replied to your post:[deep agonized groan of suffering…”:

LMAO LAINEE OH MY GOSH!!!  it is the newest bloodlines book, which is the spinoff series of vampire academy!  THEY ARE GREAT AND EVERYBODY SHOULD READ THEM AND SUFFER WITH US.

the last bloodlines book is going to come out in february, so if you don’t have a lot of time to read, then by the time you finish VA and bloodlines (11 books total so far) it might have come out and you won’t actually have to do much suffering.  AND sophia informs me that there may (will????) be another spinoff series after bloodlines, WHICH I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT oh my gosh OH MY GOSH.

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