Title: Problem
Artist: Pentatonix
Album: PTX, Vol. III
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Problem (Cover) - Pentatonix

this is important 

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there is an ENDLESS TRAIN of porn blogs following me today.

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When someone expects me to blindly stride into a childish trap, and electrocute myself.


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I’m glad your eyes are healing well!!! I turn 26 this year, it makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one over like 22 on my dash :’)

there are a few of us here!  tumblr can definitely make me feel suuuuper ancient, though.  like, honestly, the demographics here are probably the same as they were on LJ, it’s just that i’m closer to the upper end now - on LJ i was always one of the younger ones in my circle, and now on tumblr i’m one of the older ones, but the setup is probably similar…i’ve just switched places.  idk. 

but all the YOUNG’UNS ([shakes cane]) i follow are so super chill and mature and awesome and they make me really hypercritical of how awful i was when i was like 13 - 20 in comparison.  maybe it’s because tumblr is more about sharing ideas and LJ was more sort of insular? 

i guess there’s a difference between having a diary that you share with a few people you know and trust (who probably have similar life experience and opinions) and, like, holding up what essentially amounts to a scrapbook of everything you think, feel, agree and disagree with, and also the scrapbook is 100% public and shared with LITERALLY EVERYONE, and all those people can contribute to the scrapbook too, and maybe some people have more, like, scrapbooking experience than you, and you’re like, “wow, i would never have thought of putting that in my scrapbook, but i like that it’s there,” and this is a weird metaphor and it’s kind of going off the rails, but maybe that makes sense???? 

anyway, i think the point is that i waffle between being like “i’m so OLD and everything is THE WORST” and forgetting about how old i am and just being super impressed that teenagers today are way cooler than i was at their age.

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  • it is october, which means i am less than two weeks away from the big 2-8 (time passes so fast once you get through with 21, i stg.  every year after is just like OH MY GOD I BLINKED AND 12 MONTHS WENT BY.  adulthood is not great)
  • yesterday my dad urged me to go get a concealed carry permit, which i guess means we’re officially texans (i definitely do not need a concealed carry permit, and i’m kind of torn in terms of gun ownership in general for me personally - i think there are obviously a ton of huge systematic issues when it comes to gun ownership in the US, and i would feel shitty about supporting that system.  and i recognize that suicide/homicide/accidental death rates are much higher in households that own guns opposed to those who don’t.  but also i feel terrified and defenseless when i’m home alone for long periods of time and when i’m house-sitting for my family for two weeks or w/e, i’m just overwhelmed with “if i got murdered, no one would find my body for two weeks” thoughts.  this probably is more indicative of the fact that i should stop watching criminal minds than of the fact that i should have a firearm, but yk.  what i’m saying is that i have slept with a kitchen knife by my bed and still felt unsafe.)
  • my eyes are healing really well!  lights are still haloed (and will be for a few months), and adjusting from bright to dark rooms takes a few moments and a few blinks.  i’ve also noticed that my eyes get fatigued pretty early - last night they felt super heavy, like when you wear mascara after not having done so for a long time and it’s like your eyelids are leaden.  my next check-up is on monday, and thankfully i can now get my eyeballs checked out at my local optometrist, rather than having to drive 30 minutes to where i had my lasik done!  hopefully i’ll grab some sunglasses then as well, because NOW I CAN GET SUNGLASSES WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY LIKE $300 EXTRA FOR INSANE PRESCRIPTION LENSES.  yessssssss.
  • i love wednesdays, because i wake up and get to watch the mindy project, matador, AoS, and person of interest.  LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.  (tuesdays are great, too - the blacklist, sleepy hollow, castle, gotham, AND scorpion now?!  I LOVE FALL.)
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