i sent my friend laura like a zillion texts about matador and outlander, and when i woke up tonight my phone was like, “hey, you have 3 texts from laura!”

and i was like, “oh man i SUPER annoyed her, this is NOT ENOUGH TEXTS in response to the novel i sent her.”   but then i opened my phone and she had actually sent me 19, but my phone only told me about three.  it was just like wow this motherfucker texted you way too much; i’ll just say ‘3’



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Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup

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Understanding Color

23 minutes of all the important bits of color theory. Man, I so could’ve used this when I was in college.

Another super useful and well worded video on art things! Color, in this case. I really like the way this guy talks on stuff.

Really nice vid.

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get to know me teen wolf meme

[3/7] favorite ships: jennifer/julia & kali

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Hello, sir! We’re sober. 

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maaaaaaaaaaaan bad microphones/shitty call connections are THE WORST.  it becomes impossible to tell consonants apart and i’m struggling to discern things like “IS THIS PERSON SAYING ‘CONFIDENCE’ OR ‘COMPETENCE’???????”

also i have 82 incidences of “hey please double-check this because i’m like 95% sure i transcribed it incorrectly” when normally in a file this length i would have, like, 0 to 10 at the ABSOLUTE MOST.  greeeeeeeeeeeat.

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#it's like every fucking 4th word i'm just like WAIT ARE THEY SAYING [THING1] OR [TING2]#*thing not ting uagosdhglajg#adventures in transcription#someone send me new ears :((((((((#this is the worst i'm an hour late w/this file lmao#and i still have 15 mins left to transcribe

I love my skin!

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UGH SARA I FEEL U. it’s teeeerrrrrriiiibbbbbblllleeee. Last Fri/Sat was amazing but ugh.

UGH YES, when it half-rained overnight and then tried to rain for like 2 days it was SO PERFECT AND WONDERFUL  AND COOL.  i remember i went outside in the morning and was like, ‘wow, i actually have to go back inside and get a jacket because it’s COLD.  FALL IS UPON US.’

except then satan was like “haha jk” and now going outside is like stepping into a scalding hellscape

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