Where are you from in Canada?  “Southern Ontario. Imagine lush, pastoral farmland. So I wear a lot of plaid, but the hipster intelligentsia in Silverlake stole that look from us. I also have an issue with maple syrup. It goes on everything I eat. It’s even in my salad dressing.” [x

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Preview of my Fifth Element Book Illustrations.

Did my second pic  from a pencil sketch I did real quick but it turned out nicely in the end. I wanted to make a Rudy pic too but no time really, maybe later =)

Now working on demon-ey things and having a blast =)

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ambienne replied to your post: i looked kinda cute yesterday

aaaaaaaaaaaah your hair looks gr8

thank yoooou!  it looked good for approximately 15 minutes before it reverted to its natural state of frizzy nightmare

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sooooooo i made an appointment to find out if i am a candidate for lasik??????  it feels really weird, because i have been, like, loudly opposed to getting vision-corrective surgery or wearing contacts for my entire life, basically.

i mean, i have been wearing glasses since literally before i can remember (somewhere between first and third grade).  i have some pictures of me as a kiddo without glasses, and part of me is like, “who is that?” when i see them.  my face doesn’t look like my face without glasses????  so even if i GET lasik (or w/e else would be an option for me I AM VERY DEEPLY IGNORANT ABOUT THIS SUBJECT) i would still wear frames.

but i am so fucking tired of being helpless without my glasses.  like.  SO TIRED, LOL.  i keep knocking them off my bedside table, and even though they are giant and black (evidence) i literally cannot ever find them on my beige carpet without going and blindly groping through my purse for the case i keep my backup pair in.  i can’t put on eyeliner because i can’t see my fucking face in the mirror!  i can’t shave my legs or pits in the shower!  i can’t read a book without my glasses!

and then there was the time i was on vacation and tripped and fell and my glasses broke and i was like “oh my god that’s IT i’m going to be blind for the rest of my trip :(((” until i realized it was only the arm that had snapped off my glasses and the lenses were fine, so i could just glue them back together.

anyway, apparently it is like a 2 - 3 hour appointment where they have to do a MILLION diagnostic tests to figure out if i can do it, and i have like 4,000 questions i have to ask, so i asked my mom to take me (also they have to dilate my eyes, which is my LEAST FAVORITE OF ALL THINGS) because i know as soon as i leave i’m just going to be so stressed that any information i have learned will just zip-a-dee-doo-dah the fuck out of my brainbank.  but the doctor has good reviews (most of the negative ones are either about the staff or from old people who don’t know how the fuck to use the internet, so) which i guess is a good sign????

idk what i’m talking about lord beer me strength


[These are] the little moments that Claire finds herself falling for him. […] These are the things that show…what great intuition he has…but also what a big heart he has…and that he was willing to take a risk to do something for Claire ‘cause he could tell that that was really upsetting her. So I think these are all the little moments where their bond grows deeper and the love starts to blossom.” – Caitriona

"I think it also shows that they work well together as a team, you know, that they don’t really have to plot or plan anything. It sort of just comes naturally to them. And, yeah, I think they work well together. They kind of enjoy that." – Sam [x]

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Anonymous: I remember the days when games were about worlds you could explore and about being good, and not about who's got representation and gender this and sexuality that. I miss those days.



Those days miss you, too. I recently found a yellowed letter under one of the floorboards, and it was addressed to you and signed by those days with a tear-stained kiss of lipstick.

Meanwhile, in the present, those of us who work in the industry and who are—amazingly—able to consider more than one idea at the same time, will continue to create good games about worlds you can explore AND occasionally talk about inclusivity.

If you are feeling compassion fatigue, I think it might be okay to sit out those discussions, at least until you get your strength back. While it will be tough not having you available for close consultation, somehow we will soldier on.


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Sara Lance in season two episode seventeen, “Birds of Prey

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